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Ryan Black

“Privileged to trudge through wet tundra, sleep under stars, stare into the heavens, admire the wonders while capturing it one frame at a time.”

Ryan’s journey began with humble origins. Born a Texan to parents whose work required travel, Ryan was raised throughout the USA and locations overseas. His interest in art was inspired by his parents. Encouragement and support from Ryan’s wife, family and friends never go unnoticed and are not taken for granted.

As with others, Ryan’s photography began with the basics and desire to learn the "do’s and don’ts" of the trade. After joining the United States Air Force as an air traffic controller, Ryan used photography as an outlet of relaxation. Satisfied at first with photographing everyday life, only later did he realize an ever growing passion. Over time it grew beyond what he ever imagined.

Entirely self-taught, always looking to improve his abilities, Ryan enjoys "the more meticulous approach to photography" – setup is extremely important and well-planned. A defining moment in Ryan’s life came when he was introduced to astrophotography as a time-lapse. The ability to capture star movement and time as it passed struck Ryan with awe and inspired him to know more.

When Ryan moved to Alaska with the U.S. Air Force in 2009, he knew he could use these techniques to capture images of the Northern Lights. Ryan, being in a photographer’s paradise, hasn’t slowed down since. Additionally he has started a commercial photography business BLAXSTUDIOS, LLC, where he is involved in the photography world on a commercial level. More recently Ryan has begun to produce his most prized works into a fine art collection.

Ryan’s vision is to show the world the spectacular views of Alaska through large gallery prints.

Ryan, working towards the receipt of the award of Master Photographer from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), strives to achieve utmost excellence. Collectors of his work will appreciate his attention to detail.

Ryan’s collection includes "The High One Sleeps," "The High One Awakes," "Winter Wonder Land," "The Rivers Edge," and "Reflection Pool."
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